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I request to you all will be kind enough to provide every kinds of moral and financial help to this Urdu Speaking organization by Md Sadaqat Khan Khan.

May it please your Honour,I, Md. Sadaqat Khan, President of “Urdu Speaking People Youth Rehabilitation Movement” in Bangladesh, cordially like to inform and animate you for your kind information that after the
independence of Bangladesh, about 39 years are going pass, but very unfortunately, the“Urdu Speaking Community” are still passing their life in a very inhumanand worst condition at 116 demolished camps in 13
districts of Bangladesh in 10x 8 feet small rooms with their all family member consist of at least 10 to 12 persons . Due to shortage of accommodation, many families have to sleep by turns at night. This neglected community has no proper opportunity for education, health service and no proper scope for employment. Particularly  this fortunate and destroyed community has no proper place for residence to live in proper way which is a critical and vital problem for this Urdu Speaking Community in fact. Within this long period three generations have already been ruined. And this Urdu Speaking Community people who are residing in camps, their present and also nextgeneration will also be ruined if no steps are urgently taken for their education, health service, employment along with their permanent residence arrangement . This community, in spite of being citizen of Bangladesh,they were kept deprived of citizenship and right to vote. In this respect,our organization has been carrying on several programs such as meeting,processions, hunger strike, consultation meeting, seminar, human chain and many other effective programs with our own expenses for about 14 years. We also submitte memorandum to different relevant administration even to theRespectabl Prime Minister of Bangladesh. But it is a sorrowful matter that Bangladesh Government has not yet taken any steps in this regard.Because of this reason, to save the future of this ignored community and to protect the new present generation from further destruction, I being compelled, on behalf of the Urdu Speaking Community had submitted a writpetition No. 10129/2007 on 26th November, 2007 in the High Court Division of Bangladesh Supreme Court and as such after a considerable long hearing on 18th may, 2008 a Division Bench of Bangladesh High Court delivered a“historical judgment” that the whole community of “Urdu Speaking People”living in Bangladesh territory are the citizens of Bangladesh. As well as,this Division Bench also directed to the Chief Election Commissioner to enlist the names of all petitioners together with all the Urdu Speaking People who are willing to get enlist their names in the voter list and instructed to give them National Identity Cards without any further delay.As a result, after a long awaiting period of 38 years all the Urdu Speaking People of Bangladesh inside or outsid
the camps obtained the right to vote and also cast their votes happily and sincerely in the 9thNational Assembly Election. But unfortunately, in spite of getting voting right and National  ID Cards our Urdu Speaking
Community people are still deprived of all the fundamental rights, opportunities & facilities of real citizenship. To get salvation and preservation from this undue and measurable condition moral and financial assistance is essential andnecessary.And so,I hope and believe that you all will be kind enough to provide every kinds of moral and financial help to this Urdu Speaking Peoples Organization.Urdu Speaking Peoples Youth Rehabilitation Movement(USPYRM)in Bangladesh.To know moe in detail about our organization and our activities,

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I am waiting for  valuable reply.

With best regardsGratefully yours

Md. Sadaqat Khan


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