President's Corner








Keeping in view of the aims and objects of  Urdu Speaking People, The Youth Rehabilitation Movement and the Urdu Speaking Community who have been living in inhuman condition in the different camps for the last 37 years, for the permanent solution of their critical problems by making identification through the discussion the following programs have been under taken to perform.

1.       After the long period of last 37 years, the initiative steps, taken by this organization for the Urdu Speaking people of this country through the legal procedure under the law, struggled acutely for getting citizenship  and the right to vote including the National  Identity Card and at last the Citizenship problem of our community has been solved by U.S.P.Y.R.M. successfully.

2.       For getting relief and salvation from the camping life, the Urdu Speaking People, who are living in different camps of different district in Bangladesh and for taking appropriate steps to keep the communication up with different category of intellectuals of Bangladesh, noted persons of the Civil society, lawyers, Politicians, educational scholars, noted persons of mass media, govt. and non-govt. Voluntary organization, Foreign and local assistance organization involved  with the United Nations and to arrange for permanent residence with their cooperation and to keep continuation of the such communication.

3.       To induce and encourage the camp living people morally for earning well education their children on the basis of one male or female child from each family and for this purpose such kind of environment will be created and strong steps will taken.

4.       To start the system and process for the camp living Urdu Speaking community by giving proper technical training so that at least one of the youth from each family could be capable of doing jobs as a skilled worker/employee in the overseas countries.

5.       In the year 1972, after the independence of Bangladesh, with the co-operation of International help organization, the bamboo and tin-made 8'´10’ feet sized camp houses were built for each family as a temporary shelters for the Urdu Speaking people, have never been repaired or reconstructed so far. As a result the condition of these houses has become very afflicted. There have become several holes in the roofs. The sky can be sighted through these holes from inside the houses. When it rains, all the house hold goods and belongings get wet and ruined. The ill fated camp dwellers have to pass the whole night by awaking and by hanging polythine with the roofs. To strive hardly for the repairing of these damaged houses by identifying them with the co-operation of the foreign and local assistance organization.

6.       To take necessary measures of the better treatment of those Urdu Speaking people living in camps and are badly suffering from chronic diseases, but unfortunately are deprived  of proper treatment due to want of finance through the intervention of the organization.

7.       In any critical period or in any condition of misery or distress of the Urdu Speaking people  of the camps to be stand by them by sharing their miseries and pains and to struggle for providing them overall assistance and co-operation.

8.       After keeping consideration in our mind about the work employment for the Urdu Speaking people living in Bangladesh that where they are residing at present location  a proper measure should be taken for their permanent rehabilitation with cordial integrity and for this act of solution views should be exchanged with the relevant Ministry of Bangladesh Govt. Donor society of different state, Assistance organization of the United Nations, Refugee Assistance Organization which looks after the Refugees of all concern as well as with the local assistance society through the organization.

9.       To solve the above mentioned problems initial preparation should be taken by the organization to arrange meeting, conference, seminar, exchange of views, round table meeting, human chain, hunger strike, peaceful procession, rally, press conference etc. by observing all over the country.