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Judicial Activities of S.P.Y.R.M.

The Reference Nos. of the filed writ petition in the High Court Division of Bangladesh Supreme Court submitted  initially by this organization are as follows (1) Writ petition No. 702/2002. (2) Writ petition No. 2375/2003 (3) Contempt petition No. 20/2003 (4) Writ petition No. 4207/2005 (5) Writ petition No. 4593/2005 (6) Writ petition No. 10129/2007.

(a) The Urdu Speaking People in Bangladesh were passing their days in an inhuman manner being deprived of their all fundamental rights of Citizenship. Their Citizenship was never cancelled by any law, order or Ordinance. So, to establish their right of Citizenship, this organization, took initial steps to arrange meeting, procession, public meeting, human-chain, hunger-strike, convention, Seminar, including handing over memorandum to the Ministry of Home Affairs of Bangladesh and its relevant offices, to the noted persons of the civil Society, Educational Scholars, Politicians, Lawyers, to the Hon'ble  Prime Minister along will the Ministry of Home Affairs of Bangladesh and its relevant offices. We also carried out many programs including exchanging of views and ideas with the noted persons of the Civil Society, Educational Scholar, Politicians, Lawyers. But inspite of performing and observing such programs and activities when no result appeared, for the safety and preservation of this community and its future generation, on behalf  of this organization, Md. Sadaqat Khan (Fakku)  along with more 10 persons filed a writ petition ref. No. 10129/2007 in the High Court Division of Bangladesh Supreme Court on 26th of November, 2007. After a long hearing on this writ petition at last, the High Court gave a historical Judgment on 18th of May, 2008. In this Judgment, it is declared that all those  Urdu Speaking People, Who are living in the territory of Bangladesh are the Citizen of Bangladesh. The Court also gave direction to the Chief Election Commissioner and District Election Officers to include the names of those  Urdu Speaking People who are willing to include their names in the National Voter list, and to deliver them all the National Identity Cards.

(b) Till the problems of the Urdu Speaking People are not permanently solved, their houses and shops, inside or outside the camps, should not be broken down or be evicted.
In spite of having been steadfast direction of the different concerned Administration of Bangladesh Govt. and Interior Ministries, that the houses and shops of the Urdu Speaking People inside or outside the camps should not be broken down, demolished or evicted unless their problems are not solved permanently. But it is a matter of great sorrow that having violated and broken the direction and instruction of the Govt., the National Housing Authority and the City Corporation came different times with bulldozers to demolish or eject the camps. In that critical situation, being compelled, the President of S.P.Y.R,M. Md. Sadaqat Khan and General Secretary Shahid Ali Bablu along with its members came forward in favour of the helpless camp dwellers and submitted two separate Writ-petitions in the High Court Division of Bangladesh Supreme Court, making defendant and disputant to the Secretary of Ministry of Home Affairs, Secretary of Housing and Public works Department, Mayor of Dhaka City Corporation, Police Commissioner, including their relevant officers. As a result, the Court issued a Rule and Show-cause notice of the defendant asking "why this kind of eviction will not be declared illegal", giving four weeks time. The Court also issued injunction instructing the concern Authority that without making any alternative arrangement, their houses, their shops, their using premises should not be destructed, ejected or terminated. And this injunction is still in force and valid. Its first and second Writ petition Nos. are 702/2002 and 2375/2003 respectively.

c) On dated 22/02 /2003, the Housing Authorities, avoiding and violating the "imposed injunction" of the High Court, forcibly break down the houses in A.D.C Non-local Relief Camp of the  Urdu Speaking People situated at Mirpur Section No. 11, Pallabi, Dhaka. Seeing this illegal and immoral activity of the Housing Authority, the President of the Organization, Md. Sadaqat Khan and the General Secretary Shahid Ali Bablu, submitted a contempt of Court petition ref. No. 20/2003 in the High Court against the defendants. In consequence of the petition the Hon'ble Court, issued a show cause notice to Defendants, inquiring why a case could not the filed against contempt of Court. This contempt Petition is still in force and valid.

d) Afterwards, for the re-construction of demolished A.D.C Non-local Relief Camp, Md. Sadaqat Khan and Shahid Ali Bablu Submitted another application in the High Court and after a long period hearing the High Court passed an order for re-construction of the said Relief Camp un-till the case be decided. Then, the Bangladesh Govt. submitted an application in the Supreme Court Appeal Division against this decision of the High Court. So, the order of the re-construction of the said relief camp was suspended. Then Md. Sadaqat Khan and Shahid Ali Bablu on behalf of this organization, appeared before the Supreme Court and after the end of a long hearing the Supreme Court dismissed the appeal and as a result, the order of the High Court remained valid and according to the order of the High Court, with the attempt and endeavor of this organization, the camp was again re-constructed with the monetary help of the International Assistance Organization "The Canadian International Development Agency" as well as by the members of this Organization.

e) The Electricity for free supply to the Urdu Speaking People camp dwellers, given by the Bangladesh Government, was cut off in Dhaka, Adamjee and Chittagong camps. For re-establishedment of the detached electricity, the President of this Organization including more four persons submitted a writ petition in the High Court Division and in the end, after a long-period hearing, the High Court gave direction to the electric supply authority for supplying electricity within 24 hours until the solution of the case, whose writ petition  No. is 4593/2005.
f) The government of Bangladesh suddenly stopped distribution of the relief-goods to the  Urdu Speaking People camp dwellers which were being supplied by the International Assistance Organization, Red-Cross Society and Bangladesh Government for free distribution to these people. To re-start the stopped relief goods, on behalf of this organization, Md. Sadaqat Khan including more two person, submitted a writ-petition to the High Court, ref. writ petition No. 4207/2005. In response to this petition, the High Court after a hearing, issued a rule of show cause notice to the govt., "Why the act of distribution of the supplied relief goods will not be started to the camp residents".Click Here for the copy of Court order.