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Our Health Serving and Sanitation

The health and sanitation problem is very much poor and troublesome in the Urdu Speaking people camps. Infected diseases are spreading in camps due to un hygiene, unboild water, various type of diseases often break out in the camps due to thick population and lack of nutrition. Hence, mostly children are suffering from Malnutrition, typhoid and diarrhea. Because of not being any existence of Government rules and orders or any restriction the problem of these communities has become more complicated regarding health serving and sanitation issues. In spite of awaiting in a long line in the hospitals the Urdu speaking people are often neglected in comparison of the other local people. So, most of them have to depend upon the serving of the N.G.O's conducted with the in sufficient capital. Even those services have been closed for the last few years. due to shortage of financial disability. Due to uncleaned and unhealthy residence and due to being not existences of health keeping arrangement and as such, many of them die without proper treatment. Due to lack of education and common knowledge they endure too much and hence they needed immediate medical facilities. In the year of 1972, the International Red Cross had built common bath rooms in each cap for the camp residents are in very bad and harmful conditions as there had been no reformation and owing to these seasons various kinds of diseases like Pneumonia, Bronchitis and Diarrhea have been spreading in the camp areas.








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