President's Corner




Our Education System

The Urdu speaking people who are residing in different camps, they have to face problems and obstacle in the field of education, as because formerly they had no right of citizenships as well as their camping address and their environment condition also used to create resistance. But now, the situation has begum to change gradually just after the recognition of the citizenship by the High Court Division through the legal procedure. More over it depends upon the educational institution. School fees has also been included with this purpose and lack of sufficient money for the purpose of educational equipments. and adding all these things education has become out of reach of the most of the people. But everyone knew that education is the back-bone of the nation. For this cause it is necessary to provide help and co-operation so that at least one male or female student from each of the Urdu speaking camp family could be able to receive education and could serve the people of this country.


They need education
They are trying to get education