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Urdu schools for the linguistic minority urged

Staff Reporter

Eminent writer and chief of the Jatiya Mukti Council Badruddin Umar yesterday underlined the
need for protecting the language the culture of Urdu-speaking people and other minority groups
for enriching the Bangladesh society through healthy interaction among people diverse origins.
Addressing a roundtable organized by the Urdu-Speaking People's Youth Liberation Movement
at the Dhaka Reporters' Unity he lamented that in the absence of Urdu learning facilities even
children of Urdu-speaking families cannot read Urdu. A former teacher of Rajshahi University
and an eminent researcher Badruddin Umar said honours students of the department of Urdu in
RU learnt the Urdu alphabets. Prof. Akmal Hossain of the department of international relations,
Dhaka University, told the roundtable that students of Urdu department of the university
appeared at examinations answering questions in Bangla.Badruddin Umar underlined the urgent
need for opening Urdu schools in the camps of Urdu-speaking people and said the movement for
their rehabilitation should be mainstreamed with the basic demands of the majority of the people
to free them from exploitations. He said although the right to citizenship of Urdu-speaking
people has been established by a verdict of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh and most of them

cast votes in the last general election, they continue to face discrimination. Political parties
promised them many things during the last elections, but did nothing so far. He rejected the
assertion of a section of the people in the administration that the Urdu-speaking people cannot
continue to live in the Geneva Camps since they have got citizenship; he said they now need to
be properly rehabilitated. Prof. CR Abrar of Dhaka University deplored that the Foreign Minister
had urged Pakistan to take back the Urdu-speaking people even after the High Court Division of
the Supreme Court granted them voting rights. He said that court contempt proceedings would
be initiated if such statement was made in the future. Advocate Hafizur Rahman Khan called for
eviction of illegal occupants of space in the Geneva Camps by way of an inquiry. He said after
the HC judgment discrimination of Urdu-speaking people in jobs, and issuing passports should
not continue. Earlier they used to be refused trade licences, he said. Mostafa Kamal Majumder,
editor, The New Nation, said that the Urdu-Speaking people enriched the culture of Bangladesh
as did people of other linguistic backgrounds. A section of political leaders exploited them at the