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Text paper of the written Speech of Round Table discussion Conference under the title of ensure Human Rights and rehabilitation with dignity of the Urdu Speaking Peoples in Bangladesh.







Urdu Speaking peoples Youth Rehabilitation Movement
[Non-Political Organization]                         USPYRM

In the name of Almighty Allah, The most gracious and most merciful.

Round Table discussion

Date: 10 November, 2010
Day:  Wednesday
Time; 11.00.A.M
Venue; Engineer Abdul Khaleque Milonayaton (Assembly) Chittagong Press Club,Chittagong

Sub: Round Table Discussion Conference under the title of" Rehabilitation with Dignity And Human Rights of the  Urdu Speaking community of linguistic minority in Bangladesh.The text paper of the written Speech is attached herewith for this  moral support and financial help, necessary to save the distressed Urdu Speaking linguistic minority people in different Camps in Bangladesh.

I convey my hearty congratulations and deep gratitude to the Honourable Chief Guest, Special Guests, other respected guest and journalist brothers and sisters who are cordially assembled and attended of today's Round Table discussion conference under the title of "Rehabilitation with Dignity and ensure Human Rights to this deprived linguistic minority Urdu Speaking Community, combined  arranged by Urdu Speaking Peoples youth Rehabilitation Movement (USPYRM) and Action Aid (AAB).

I believe that perhaps all of you, who are present in today's meeting, are well acquainted with this fact that the present  Urdu Speaking peoples who are unfortunately living  inside and out side of different camps in 13 districts of Bangladesh had their own homes and residence but after the liberation war of Bangladesh in 1971 the prevailing political critical situation had created hatred and disgust having been created disruption in our life and we were forced to oust and dispossess from our own houses and homes. Not only this but also we were ejected and deprived of the Govt, and non-Govt services, business and trades including all fundamental rights and since then  this helpless Urdu Speaking  Community  became stranded and surrounded in camp-shelters established by the International Red Cross Society (ICRC) and as yet we deprived peoples have been passing our life in a very inhuman condition  in these camps .In this manner several laces of these human beings  of Urdu Speaking people linguistic minority Community are compelled to pass their days with their all family members in 8 feet by 10 feet small rooms. Many families due to shortage of accommodation, have to sleep by turn at night .Due to want to pure water, mismanagement of garbage and bad sewerage system serious health problems have been created in the camps areas and for these reasons a lot of camp dwellers have been died being suffered from several chronic diseases with out proper treatment. Further more, the  ejection of the Urdu Speaking camp dwellers from their land, grabbing their land-properties and negligence and violation in supplying  electricity and water create more and more problems. Along  with want and privation of education and health service, employment  and permanent rehabilitation problems have made the way hindered of this Community.
In the year 1947, due to division of subcontinent into India and Pakistan,  our forefathers came to their
religious new home-land from Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and west Bengal of India leaving their all belonging for permanent settlement. It is the good fortune of our generation that by being born in this land, growing up in the air and light of this country, by loving  this country by heart has already accepted this new land as their own home-land. In spite of this fact this community had not been accepted as citizen of the country. for this reason, we have become victims of inequality in all sphere of life such as'' Food, Residence, Profession, Education, Health care, Politics and Economics. As a result, the new generation specially the youths of this Community have been affected mentally, socially and morally and they feel trouble and obstruction to develop themselves. More over, as we do not had any proper and appropriate opportunities in places of occupation, we have to depend upon our own skill and capability to earn our livelihood. Being deprived of education, our three generations have been ruined morally, socially and economically and the new generation are at the door of  destruction.

The citizenship of this linguistic minority Community in respect of its language has never been refused or rejected by any Act or Ordinance. In spite of this situation, due to ignorance and not being in formed about this basic right any donor country, International donor organization, International human rights organizations including the government of Bangladesh feel complicacy to solve our problems. So, finding no other way, I Mohammad Sadaqat Khan (Fakku), along with other 10 members of the organization submitted a writ petition N0- 10129/2007 in the High Court Division of Bangladesh Supreme Court. In consequence of this petition on 18th may 2008 Bangladesh High Court delivered a historical judgment that the'' Urdu Speaking Peoples community living in anywhere in Bangladesh territory are the citizens of Bangladesh. This honorable Court also instructed to the Chief Election Commission to enroll the name of all petitioners together with all the People of Urdu Speaking community who are willing to enlist their names in the voter list and to give them National identity Cards without any delay. this proper and perfect judgment has been appreciated and considered as an Epoch-making judgment in the history all over the world as well as in Bangladesh. As a result after a long 37 years, all the Urdu Speaking in or outside the camps became successful to attain their citizenship to enlist in National voter list and to get National I D Card and to cast their votes cheerfully in the 9th National Assembly Election and in the recently Chittagong city Corporation election. For this success, we thank to Almighty God on behalf of the people of our community. Now, we hope that after getting this legal right, there remains no hindrance and obstacle to solve the problems of our permanent rehabilitation, occupation opportunity, Education facility as well as political, social and Economical sufferings.

Respected gentlemen,
I would like to mention that by getting only the citizenship right and voting right, the problems of the
helpless camp dwellers have not been solved now. In 1972, the International committee of Red Cross (ICRC) by discussing with the Bangladesh government, built camps for the Urdu Speaking people on the land of different ministries of Bangladesh. In the light of the circumstances different administration of Bangladesh government and ministry of home affairs have decided and instructed not to eject or break down their houses, shops, or any kinds of residence and not to harass or disturb them until their  alternative arrangements  are not made. But, unfortunately, violating the aforesaid instruction and decision of the Court, The national housing Authority and Bangladesh Railway Authority along with several other organizations are regularly involved in the conspiracy to eject and demolish all the camps of Urdu Speaking peoples. For this reason, the camp dwellers are always passing their days in panic.
At the time of last National Parliamentary Election,  leader of the opposition party Begum Khaleda Zia and Honurable  PrimeMinister of Bangladesh Shaikh Hasina, in a meeting relating to Election at Mirpur, Pallabi, Dhaka declared clearly in their own speeches that if they win the Election and became successful to from the government, they will permanently Rehabilitate the Urdu Speaking People and make arrangement for their place of employment. At  that time the Urdu Speaking People praised and thanked them  for their commitment. At last, in that Election, the Awami league namely ''Maha joot wins the National Assembly Election with a large number and forms the government. We are most optimistic  and hopeful that as Awami Leage has got the greatest majority seats in Parliament, so with a view to building and developing a Digital Bangladesh, there should be taken steps for  work training and place of  occupation for the women of this ignored community .As well as employment for the youths including providing their other rights, by establishing training centre near or beside the camps. Thus they can play a vital rule to solve the problems which have been hanging for 39 years. So for the permanent solution of the 39 years hanging problems, after taking opinions of the camp dwelling Urdu Speaking People the following demands are submitted for your kind and favorable consideration.                                                            
(1) Considering the matter of place of occupation of the camp dwellers, we request the government through your media that the camp dwellers should be settled and rehabilitated in the same area and location where they have been living for about four decades.

(2) We entreat the kind government to take suitable measure for providing education at least one boy and one girl from each family of the camp dwelling people by the government.
 (3) Because majority people of this community are hard working and skillful. So, there should be taken the initiative by the relevant ministry to make  an  arrangement to start a process for sending at least one skilful person from each family abroad for employment.
Besides, to ensure the working place and arrangement of different training for the women as well as to establish training centers beside the camps for the workless youths, so that they can  get opportunity to work in  homeland  and abroad.
(4)  After the great liberation war in 1971, due to the matter of citizenship of this linguistic minority Community remained undecided, they were removed from their government, semi-government  and Bangladesh railway services. But according to the order of High Court, the people of this community have gotten their citizenship and right to vote including National Identity Cards, So, in this manner it is requested to the government that all the removed and terminated service -holders should be taken back to their Bangladesh Railway, government and semi-government service.
(5) We call to government through you that unless their Rehabilitation is not completed, they should be given all the facilities as before in the government given camps. To keep them free from the terror of camp eviction, a clear declaration should be given by the Ministry of Assembly or Government that their camps must not be demolish or ejected until they are not rehabilitated permanently.
(6)  To carry the above furnished demands into effect immediately, we request the government to pass a bill in National Assembly through you..
Respected ladies and gentlemen and journalist brothren,
We know that Bangladesh is not a rich country. We understand that it is not possible for Bangladesh government alone to carry out or manage such a huge fund to rehabilitate the minority Urdu Speaking camp dwelling people properly. So, with a view to fulfil the above mentioned work of rehabilitation as soon as possible, we request all the donor Countries, United Nations, United Nation Kingdom (UK) United States of America (USA) International Human Rights Organizations, Assistance Organization of Muslim Countries (OIC) Organization of European Countries, Refugee Assistance Organizations, Government and non-Government organizations together with all the intellectuals, educationalist, dignified persons of our civilized society and especially the public media of the country and foreign countries to come forward for providing their cordial co-operation and Patronage for this human cause. So that, this helpless Urdu Speaking Community can be saved from ruination and destruction.

At the end, I, again pay my hearty thanks and gratitude to all the ladies and gentlemen and journalist brotheren for attending and making successful this conference.

With best regards
Gratefully yours,
Md. Sadaqat Khan (Fakku)
U.S.P.Y.R.M. Bangladesh
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