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After a long 37 years all the Urdu Speaking People in or outside the camps cast their Vote

All of the Urdu Speaking People of the "New Generation" are eventually Bangladeshi in all respect and our citizenship was never rejected in anytime by any Act or Order. We are legally the citizenship of Bangladesh and we do love Bangladesh being our mother land we have become closely familiar and mixed with the soil and people of this country. In spite of this, we were not recognized as the citizen of this country. For this reason, we were fallen victim of great inequality in all affairs as such Food, Dress, Residence, Profession, Education, and Treatment and in Political and Economical field. The Urdu Speaking People have been living in inhuman condition in camps for the last 37 years in Bangladesh. For this reason, the new generation specially the youths of this community have been affected mentally, socially, morally and they feel trouble to develop themselves in comparison of the local youth. Due to not being our National Identity we do not have appropriate facilities for service or employment. We are surviving ourselves depending upon our own work skill and capability. As we are related and connected with camps. So, through this point of view, our children would not be admitted openly into the schools, colleges and madrashas. For being deprived of receiving education, our new generation is going towards ruin and wreck, day by day. On the other hand several lacs of these human being, viz,  the Urdu Speaking community people, are compelled to pass their days with their all family members in 8 feet by 10 feet rooms. In many families due to shortage of accommodation they are to sleep by turn at night. Due to want of pure water, mismanagement of garbage and bad sewerage system all together have created serious health problem and for this reason a lot of them have died being affected with chronic diseases without proper treatment. The panic and fear of eviction of the Urdu Speaking People from their camp-shelter, exploitation of their land property and misrule to supply electricity create more problems. All this reasons obstruct the way of their improvement and progress. So, finding no other way, I along with other 10 persons submitted a Writ petition Ref. No. 10129/2007 in the High Court Division of Bangladesh Supreme Court and as such, the High Court Division issued a "Show-Cause Notice to the Chief Election Commission including  the relevant Ministry asking for an explanation" why the Urdu Speaking People of the camp inhabitants should not be included in the National Voter list. After a long term hearing by the grace of almighty Allah, on the 18th May, 2008 a Double bench Jury of Bangladesh High Court gave a historical Judgment that the community of Urdu Speaking People living in Bangladesh territory are the citizen of Bangladesh as well as this joint bench Jury directed to the Chief Election Commissioner  to enroll the names of all petitioners together with all the Urdu Speaking People who are willing to enlist their names in the voter list and to give them National Identity Cards without any further delay. Which has been appreciated and considered  as a Epoch-making Judgment of the history all over the World including Bangladesh. As a result, after a long 37 years all the Urdu Speaking People in or outside the camps cast their Vote cheerfully in the 9th National Assembly Election. For this due success I must thank to God on behalf of our community and hope that after being gotten this right the way of the solution of our major problem like permanent rehabilitation, employment opportunity, proper education will be more easily obtainable.