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Introduction of Urdu Speaking Peoples
Youth Rehabilitation Movement and its Community

General and Political Background :

All are well acquainted with the pains and agonies and tale of trials and tribulation s of about a quarter million Urdu Speaking People living in 116 squalid camps (10'´ 8' make-shift of bamboo) in Bangladesh where serious shortage of food and medicine together with grim physical condition prevail. Almost all camps virtually lack in provision of basic amenities. There is no job, no avenue of employment and no education for them. They have been denied of basic human rights as envisaged in the UN Declaration of Human Rights adopted by United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in 1950. Despite assurances and agreements and laps of more than 37 years the issue of Urdu Speaking People couldn't be resolved to save them from death and destruction.

That before and after independence of Islamic Republic of Pakistan (14th August, 1947), Communal riots took place in the then province of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Bengal and so on. As a result, the ancestors of the Organizer as well as their Urdu speaking Community People being Muslims.  Supported the Two Nations Theory with other Muslims of the Sub-continent/Undivided India and demands for a separate state for them, lost their properties and lives and ultimately they were compelled to leave their birth place. Some of them immigrated in the then East Pakistan and they settled their houses, started business in different districts and since then they were recognized as the citizens of the then Pakistan and many of them got Government Services in the then East Pakistan. And in the course of time the fore fathers of the present generation who came to this country from the then provinces of Uttar Prodesh, Bihar and Bengal and so on died land before liberation of Bangladesh (1971) leaving behind their children in the territory of the then East Pakistan. In this way several generations have been passed before liberation of Bangladesh (1971). The Urdu speaking People of present generation were born in the territory of Bangladesh undoubtedly . Hence they are the citizens of Bangladesh without any question like 140 million people of this country.
In the year 1971 at the end of liberation war independent Bangladesh emerged on the world map. The Urdu speaking People became victim of political crisis found themselves in a tight corner because of racial discrimination and lack of political leadership. They were thrown out of their employment. Their properties both moveable and immovable were either looted away by miscreants or forfeited by the Government. All avenue and scope of education and employment were closed down on them. They were rendered beggars of the street over night,. In the back drop of prevailing political circumstances their
safety and security had been at stake and they had been left with no choice but to take shelter in camps initiated by Geneva based International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC) to save their lives.

The role of ICRC had been appreciable. It came forward to rescue them from the disastrous situations and extended all sorts of assistance to keep on humanitarian grounds. Moving one step further if had sought option from the linguistic minorities (Urdu speaking People) The Urdu speaking People community, for security reasons had no option at their disposal but to opty for Pakistan believing ICRC would help them to reach Pakistan and they would be saved here. However, it was not the end of their sad tragedy.

Taking advantage of the situation a group of selfish people politicizes this humanitarian issue by branding them as "Stranded Pakistanis" for the sake of personal aggrandizement. Since then the Urdu speaking People living in Bangladesh have been known as Urdu speaking Peoples despite the hardened fact that they are neither "Stranded" nor Pakistanis". The vested group in collaboration with few yes men had capitalized the issue for personal interests and cheap popularity by taking advantage of their sufferings and uncertain situation.

With the lapse of three decades much socio political development have taken place. Old generation has already gone to the grave yard and it has been replaces by new generation viz born after 1971. They have neither seen Pakistan nor have ideological or cultural realationship  with Pakistan. They had been born and brought up in a changed socio political environment. about 80% of total population of Urdu speaking People in Bangladesh constitute of new generation Undoubtedly three of their generations have totally been spoiled and the fourth one is on the verge of destruction simply because of denial of basic human rights to them although they are Bangladeshi by birth like 140 million people of this country.

Since 1972 several organizations were formed but all of them have miserably failed to get the issue resolved. It is not only surprising but interesting to note that few of them are still raising their voice for repatriation to Pakistan though they understand  very well that their dreams would never come true. They became deaf and dumb to their community and adopting all means to suppress the voice of the masses. It became obvious that they have most fraudulently deceived the innocent, ignorant and unfortunate people just to keep their business going on to meet their both ends by keeping them in camps (virtually lurch to them) who are equally part and parcel of human-kind.

The overall situation is very much gloomy and appalling because of total deprivation of human rights. Their sense of direction had been snatched away rendering them totally crippled, socially, intellectually and economically. Their future is quite bleak and have been made  languish in the state of statelessness realizing the  fact that in this modern age of civilization, science and technology no community as a whole are lacking   their identity.

With a view to resolve this humanitarian issue as early as possible the non-political organization STRANDED PAKISTANIS YOUTH REHABILITATION MOVEMENT (SPYRM) has been struggling most peacefully and patiently since its inception. Keeping it in mind SPYRM had brought out several massive processions on different  occasions, held rallies,round table meeting ,demonstrations,hunger strike ,human chain ,and  press conferences to high light the issue of Urdu speaking Peoples to attract world attention. SPYRM even had prepared a 'SUICIDAL STAGE' to implement the program of self immolation during D-8, Summit in Dhaka in March 1999 which had brought the then Prime Minister of Pakistan to Dhaka.

SPYRM held a "Seminar" in Dhaka to drum up international support towards this burning humanitarian issue hung in balance for the last several decades. In the back drop of socio-political development SPYRM termed the concept of repatriation" a dead horse" and an outdated and rejected chapter" rather it believes socio-econo and political rehabilitation of Urdu speaking People in Bangladesh is the only solution to save about a quarter million human beings from total ruination and destruction Moreover, SPYRM enjoys the total support of Urdu speaking People living in Bangladesh in favour of its rehabilitation program. But in spite of performing these so many progrmmes, the Bangladesh Government had not taken any proper step for providing and granting citizenship and rehabilitation for the urdu speaking people. So, being compelled I along with another ten persons had filed a writ petition in High Court Division on last 26/11/2007 writ Petition No. 10129/2007. In consequence of that petition on the last 18/5/2008 the High Court division declared the urdu speaking people as the citizen of Bangladesh and also gave an order to the Chief Election Commission that those urdu speaking people who want to become voter to be enlisted  their names in the current voter list and they should be provided national ID card without any delay. Accordingly the election commision completed the the work of voter enlisting and issuing national ID cards of the urdu speaking people from 20/8/08 to 30/8/08 successfully. After the declaration and completion according to present  situation we altered the name of our organization Urdu Speaking Peoples Youth Rehabilitation Movement in place of Stranded Pakistanis Youth Rehabilitation Movement.