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Introduction of Urdu Speaking Peoples
Youth Rehabilitation Movement and its Community

General and Political Background :

That before and after independence of Islamic Republic of Pakistan (14th August, 1947), Communal riots took place in the then province of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Bengal and so on. As a result, the ancestors of the Organizer as well as their Urdu speaking Community People being Muslims. Supported the Two Nations Theory with other Muslims of the Sub-continent/Undivided India and demands for a separate state for them, lost their properties and lives and ultimately they were compelled to leave their birth place.And in the course of time the fore fathers of the present generation who came to this country from the then provinces of Uttar Prodesh, Bihar and Bengal and so on died land before liberation of Bangladesh (1971) leaving behind their children in the territory of the then East Pakistan. In this way several generations have been passed before liberation of Bangladesh (1971). The Urdu speaking People of present generation were born in the territory of Bangladesh undoubtedly. Hence they are the citizens of Bangladesh without any question like 140 million people of this country.In the year 1971 at the end of liberation war independent Bangladesh emerged on the world map. The Urdu speaking People became victim of political crisis found themselves in a tight corner because of racial discrimination and lack of political leadership. ClickHere for details




Our Education System

The Urdu speaking people who are residing in different camps, they have to face problems and obstacle in the field of education, as because formerly they had no right of citizenships as well as their camping address and their environment condition also used to create resistance. But now...ClickHere for details

Accommodation and Adaption


Hence this  Urdu Speaking People community has succeeded and obtained the right to vote including right of citizenship through legal and lawful process and procedure, so, there remains no obstruction and no hindrance any longer to rehabilitate  this minority  Urdu Speaking Community  in Bangladesh by establishing, accomplishing and fulfilling their  rights of Education, Treatment, Residence, Job opportunities, as well as their social and political right.

Therefore, the first measure to be taken, is requested to re-habilitate the Urdu Speaking Camp inhabitants in the very same location, were they have been living for the long 37 years for the sake of their employment, small business and handicrafts works. But .. ClickHere for details


Our Health Service and Sanitation
The health and sanitation problem is very much poor and troublesome in the Urdu Speaking people camps. Infected diseases are spreading in camps due to un hygiene, unboild water, various type of diseases often break out in the camps due to thick population and lack of nutrition. Hence, mostly children are suffering from Malnutrition, typhoid and diarrhea. Because of ..ClickHere for details
Income and Expenditure and the Subject of
Donation of the Organization

.P.Y.R.M.  was established on the 14th August, 1998 and from that period this organization is undertaking to solve different kinds of problems mainly the citizenship right and permanent rehabilitation of the Urdu Speaking People residing in the different camps with the help of the monetary assistance of the members of this organization  and there were arranged big rally procession on the high way of Dhaka city, public meeting, human chain, seminar convention, hunger strike and to learn the opinion and advice of the intellectual persons of Bangladesh, noted persons of civil society, politicians, Educational Scholars, noted persons of mass media, noted lawyers, and respectable Judges and like such programs have been taken so for. More over in the High Court Division of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh, there has been taken measures on the matter of ..ClickHere for details



Best performance award - 2008

Bangladesh Young Journalist Association.

For performing excellence and strong role in gaining and establishing the right of citizenship and right of vote including act of achieving Nation Identity Card after a long period of 37 years in legal procedure for the Urdu Speaking people living in Bangladesh the former Chief Adviser and former Chief Justice Mr. Latifur Rahman has given the Best performance Award to ClickHere.

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Proviting Data for Voter List

Urdu Speaking People now the Citizens of Bangladesh Declared by High Court of Bangladesh


/after a long 37 years all the Urdu Speaking People in or outside the camps cast their Vote